Coca Cola bottle, 1944 dated

Coca Cola bottle, 1944 dated

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Classic design 'hobble-skirt' Coca Cola bottle that was especially produced for the US Army. This is evident by the clear glass (civilian production bottles had a greenish shade, caused by the copper contents, see comparison photo) and smooth bottom with absence of a name of the town were the bottle was made. Production of these bottles started in 1943. The bottle is embossed on two sides with the iconic Coca Cola logo, Trade-Mark registered and Bottle Pat. D-105529. The patent for the bottle was filed and granted in 1937 (see image of document). The bottle is marked on one lower side with a small diamond-oval-I logo of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. The 44 on the right side of the Owens logo dates this bottle to 1944. This particular bottle was found in Normandy. It will make a great addition to the collection.

Very good condition.

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