Boulay (N.W.)

Boulay (N.W.)

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1944 dated. Scale 1:25.000, measures about 73.5 x 56 centimeters. Sheet XXXV-12 1 & 2. Reproduced by the 652nd Engineer Topographic Battalion. The map shows the area east of Thionville and Metz, 90th Division, 95th Division and 10th Armored Division battleground. The map was used in combat which is evident from the smudged area were it was folded to. Of special interest are the handwritten markings on the map which are most likely combat related. This map was found together with seven other maps of the area (and for sale in this section). It can be an excellent tool when researching the battle in that area. Nice combat relic that will look awesome framed.

Very good condition.

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