36th Divison medic group, ID-ed

36th Divison medic group, ID-ed

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Nice group of items that is ID-ed to T/3 John W. Call, ASN 38065968, who enlisted on March 6, 1941 and served with the 36th Division. The group consist of the T patch, religious book, Medical collar disks set, Good Conduct medal and superb Red Cross armband. The silk Red Cross armband is most likely made in Italy. It is marked with Co. D, Call's name and his laundry mark C-5968. On the back it is again marked with his name and the dated October 23, 1943. At that time the Division saw action in Italy. Call can be found in the roster of the 36th Division with Company D, 111th Medical Battalion (see last photo). Excellent group with research potential of a tough fighting unit that a lot of action. 36th Division items in particular are hard to find!

Very good condition.

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