Experimental paratrooper combat boots, size 9 C

Experimental paratrooper combat boots, size 9 C

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Super rare experimental combat boots for paratroopers of the M-1943 combat uniform. February 1943 dated and made by the International Shoe Co. The new M-43 uniform was tested from November 1942 until July 1943. Part of this new uniform were various types of combat boots. Besides the regular boots, there was a hobnailed version and a paratrooper version. Characteristics of these earliest production combat boots were; toe caps, 5 sets of eyelets for the laces (later 7), 5 eyelets in the straps (later 7), cuffs that were leather lined (later canvas) and a different pattern on the rubber soles. The paratrooper version boots had beveled heels, just like the regular jump boots. Although after testing the army decided on one type of boots for every soldier there is little doubts the paratrooper version was actually used in combat since 1943. The long tongues indicate these are actual combat boots and not low boots with a cuff added (in that case the tongues would be short). Photos of experimental hobnailed combat boots can be seen in the book US Army Uniforms of World War II by Shelby Stanton (see added b/w photos).
These boots show wear throughout and may benefit from some treatment (if desired) but they are unaltered and 100% original. One tongue has a small tear at the base were it connects to the boot. The right boots misses a small piece of leather of the sole at the toe. This type of paratrooper combat boots is missing from pretty much every paratrooper collections. There are very rarely seen and never for sale. View the many photos including some comparison photos of february 1943 dated experimental hobnailed combat boots (not for sale) and an identical pair of paratrooper combat boots in excellent condition (also not for sale).

Very good condition.

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