St Clair type 5 liner

St Clair type 5 liner

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This is the super rare low pressure type 5 liner produced by the St Clair. It combines the green interior paint of the earliest production lners with cotton suspension and removable chinstrap of later production liners. This is an odd combination that basically doesn't fit the time line in production of St Clair liners. Another indication of earliest production is the fact the liner has a molded SC in a box mark in the dome. It is under the common yellow stamp. The cotton suspension still features six sets of snaps to take the rayon headband. The liner originally had a cotton headband with wire buckle but this was falling apart and has been replaced with a used rayon headband that matches the condition of the liner nicely. The leather chinstrap is one of the earliest types with flat lever buckle and chinstrap holders that don't have the reenforcing tube. It is marked with the H in circle of Hagerstown. In all a superb liner that is without a doubt one of the rarest made by St Clair. This type is missing from most collections and this is your chance to obtain such a gem.

Very good condition.

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