M-1943 wool trousers, size 30 x 32

M-1943 wool trousers, size 30 x 32

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1944 dated. These are actually wool trousers of the M-1943 uniform, not to be mistaken for the common early war mustard pants or the late war wool pants to match the Ike jacket. These pants were introduced in 1943 and are similar to the cotton M-43 pants but made of wool. They can be indentified by the label but also by the large brown buttons, the suspenders loops, the wider belt loops and the tabs at the leg ends as featured on the cotton M-43 trousers. These are presented in the Quartermaster catalog as Trousers, Field, Wool OD, 22 oz with Stock No. 55-T-34730-30 (30 x 30 being the smallest size) to 55-T-34744-32 (44 x 32 being the largest size). This pair seems hardly worn, if at all, and still has its label. These pants are hard to find, and missing from most collections.

Very good condition.

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