Map of Carentan

Map of Carentan

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Marked Edition of June 1943 but with the actual date of May 1944 in the lower left corner. Scale 1:25.000. This 'large scale' map (small area with much detail) is typical for combat use. It is the map combat leaders of the 101st Airborne Division carried. The map measures about 50 x 60 centimeters and was recently found along with similar scale maps on a flea market in Normandy. It has some stains of storage over the years but is quite nice still. It was definitely used during the war. There is a blue pencil line around Carentan. Of special interest are the grid coordinates 377-841 at the top. These correspond with the pencil encircled area were the 'Battle of Bloody Gulch' took place, close to manoir of Donville (mispelled Douville on the map). This is the famous battle in which Easy Company of the 506th PIR held out against the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division and tanks of the 2nd Armored Division accompanied by infantry of the 29th Division saved the day! Also of interest are Hill 30, Saint-Côme-du-Mont (Dead man's corner), Angoville-au-Plain and the center of Carentan where the 1944Supply shop is located (at Service of Supply patch). The scale and grid coordinates make this map excellent for research. It will look great framed and is perfect for anyone with particular interest in the battle around Carentan. Will be shipped as an insured package with tracking.

Good condition.

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