Coca Cola bottle German made, 1939 dated

Coca Cola bottle German made, 1939 dated

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Classic design 'hobble-skirt' bottle. Germany was the first country in Europe with a Coca Cola factory. Coca Cola was produced until the start of WWII (and Germany invented Fanta). This is a rare German made Coca Cola bottle. It was recently found in Normandy. There is some dirt caked to the bottle but this can be removed if desired. The bottle is embossed with the Coca Cola logo on both sides, and Brauselimonade mid nat. frucht-u.krauteraroma on one side and Schutzmarke koffeinhaltig on the other. A chip is missing at the top of the bottle and there is a crack in the glass. Despite the condition the rarity is such that it deserves a place in a collection.

Good condition.

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