Saga of the All American

Saga of the All American

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This is the official 82nd Airborne Division book that was printed right after the war. Iconic and hard to find huge book that doesn't come up for sale often. It still has its dust jacket which is rare as it is usually missing. The dust jacket is in fair shape but it kept the book in good shape. The leatherette cover of these books are very fragile after 75 yers and often falling apart. This cover has some cracks as to be expected but still holds up nicely The book is excellent of design and has many superb photos. There are no page numbers but it is a very thick book. The photos are only a small presentation of the contents. This is the original book, not a reprint. A must have for the WWII history buff or anyone with a specific interest in the 82nd Airborne Division. Its a large size heavy book to ship.

Very good condition.

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