M-41 field jacket, size 42 L

M-41 field jacket, size 42 L

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OD 3 shade cotton jacket with flannel lining and caramel colored buttons. This is a rare early version which was made of heavier fabric that is similar to that of the tanker jacket. The label under the collar reads 42 Long. The printing on the manufacturers label in the pocket is faint but 1942 can be read (the vertical label is from J. Rissman & Son. See additional photo of a crisp label in another M-41 jacket made of heavier fabric made by the same maker).
The steel Crown zipper is in good working order. All buttons are present. The ends of the sleeves are in good shape but at some point were folded inwards and sewn down with loose stitches in order to shorten the sleeves. This has been undone but it can still be slightly seen. Overall a rare variation of an early M-41 field jacket in a whopping size.

Very good condition.
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